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History of DSAA

DSAA was established over 30 years ago and is an organization for every type of administrator in the Dallas Independent School District. While the leaders and members of DSAA work closely with the Dallas Independent School District, it is important to note that DSAA is an independent organization with its own constitution and by-laws and is not affiliated with any other organization.

The history and legacy of DSAA are rich, providing members with information, advice, legal insurance, social networking opportunities, and a voice with DISD leadership and the Board. The charter members of DSAA designed an organization that would elect a board every two years and set its own rules and procedure. The charter members, educators such as Dr. H. B. Bell, Larry Smith, and Oscar Rodriguez, were leaders in the DISD who saw a need for an organization for administrators only focused on their needs. Consultation with the leadership of the DISD was a critical component of DSAA from the beginning of the organization. Over the years DSAA became involved with students, providing scholarships yearly in the name of DISD administrators. Also, the competition for Assistant/Associate Principal of the Year is funded by DSAA.

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