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Retired Administrators Group

Many retirees say the thing they miss the most is the people. This is certainly true of retired educators. In the fall of 2011, the DSAA Executive Board voted to form a group of members who were retired from Dallas ISD. The DSAA Constitution was amended to add a board position for a retired Dallas ISD administrator who would represent this group. The first Board representative for this group is Myrtle Drake who retired in 2011.

Members of this group of administrators have the opportunity to stay current on educational issues, network with colleagues, mentor current administrators, and participate in DSAA meetings and social activities; in 2019 the Board voted to waive dues for retired members.

Forty-two retired administrators attended the organizational meeting. It was an exciting event with attendees catching up with each other, expressing ideas about projects for the group, and giving suggestions for contacting retirees. Since that time, the group has grown and participated in DSAA events. They have added to the organization and hope to serve as coaches to DSAA members in the future.

What are the dues to join DSAA as a retired administrator?

In recognition of years of service, there is no charge for membership for retired Dallas ISD administrators.

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